Firefight in the Glowstick Light

this is where the guns come in

The music was loud and the air reeked of sweat and drugs as we walked into the club. On the balcony two figures were discussing something before a mutant holding Octus, with haste Ignus slew the mutant dropping Octus and causing the two figures to flee and in their place two well armored and well gunned enforcers fired upon us. Taking cover we were assisted by a man draped head to toe in armor with a gas mask. The fight ended as fast as is started as the enforcer fled after taking significant damage. We we retrieved Octus and managed procure a shoddy melta gun and a dataslate from behind the bar detailing a drug deal involving Jorgen at the landing bay not too far from the club. So Octus, Nihilius, Ignus, accompanied by their “ally” Thorrak soldier on, ready for the next challenge.



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