Stealth & Skycars don't mix

Holy crap Octus and Nihilius are goddamn insane

The group is outside of the hangar deciding on a plan of action. Nihilius has stealthily entered the bay and upon return relays the opposing force. With plan in hand Nihilius distracting the guard at the front we are prepared, that was until Octus saw a running skycar and chose to make a “modification” to the plan. By hotwiring the car and crashing it headfirst into the entrance way turning the door guard into a fine paste. Then everything went down Nihilius was in the air vents sniping, Thorrak attempting to split up the other guards with explosives, Ignus and Octus trying to not give the guards a chance to. We were slowly winning the battle thanks to Thorrak’s routing but the coup de’ gras came from Nihilius’ drop from the vent and slew their leader causing them to surrender. Octus however had none of that and caused two of them to flee by blasting one of them with the melta.



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